It's not science fiction.
It's science.

Harness your unused brain capacity for a worthy cause.

Inspired by World Community
Grid and SETI@Home

Science has created great tools, but nature created the greatest.  We are still not sure how the brain performs its magic.  Computers can work faster and more efficiently on some problems--but they can't outperform our brains for tasks that we deem simple.

Every day, excess brain
capacity goes unused

Think of the course of your normal day.  Sitting in traffic during your commute.  Going for a jog.  Waiting in a doctor's office.  Every day, you spend hours with your brain working to only a fraction of its capacity.  What if during that time, you could loan our this excess capacity to worthy causes around the globe that could be using your brain power for something constructive?

If you can read this, you have what it takes to help the world

Helping is simple. You only need to wear our small and unobtrusive CranialConnect (tm), which connects to your scalp with a thin wire. The device can be easily connected for just those times when it is convenient, and disconnected when it is not. Or leave it on all day and the device will decide when you have excess capacity. You know your lifestyle best, and you can decide best how and when you want to use it.

Years in the making, our scientists and engineers have figured out how to leverage this excess capacity

Now instead of your brain being idle, we can use it to solve the world's most intractable problems

Help find solutions to soil erosion in regions of Africa and India. Soil erosion reduces crop yields every year. Scientific planting algorithms can show where to plant what crops to to reduce the risk of erosion.

Help find efficient transportation routes for global trade. Developing nations lack the computational power to cheaply transport their goods, cutting into their already reduced profits.

Traffic routing in major metropolitan areas around the world can reduce travel times which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Your brain power can help determine in real time where to route traffic, making everyone's commute more efficient.